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About Ultra Pure Analytics
Contract Research Organization (CRO)

55+ years of combined Research Experience

Ultra Pure Analytics India Pvt Ltd is a Contract Research Organization (CRO) with an excellent proven track record in delivering isolation, purification, chemical characterization, herbal extraction and HPLC method development services to leading pharmaceutical and chemical companies. We are located in the financial capital of India, Mumbai.
We are one of the most skilled team with over 55+ years of combined Research experience in the field of isolation and purification of impurities having concentrations as low as 0.1% using various chromatography and purification techniques.
We boast an in-depth knowledge and experience in isolation and structure elucidation of prostaglandins, alkaloids, steroids, terpenoids, antibiotics, heterocyclic compounds, carbohydrates and small peptides etc.
The skilled team is well complimented by best in class facility for isolation with Analytical HPLC, Prep HPLC, Lyophilizer, Rotavapor etc. We are a dynamic and an efficient team which is committed to a quick response, adapted to the stringent deadline which is the main customer need.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our customers with high quality purification and analytical services at an affordable price and to work effortlessly to improve the health and well-being of mankind.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become a Global Leader in the field of Purification Science.

Our Goal

Accuracy, commitment, Integrity, Innovation
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Ultra Pure Analytics India

Offering Best-In-Class Analytical And Preparative HPLC Separation/Isolation Services

In today’s technology driven world where time is precious, many pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical companies are keen to outsource their Research and Development work to numerous contract research organizations (CROs), offering a needed boost for them in the market. Furthermore, India is emerging as a top destination for CROs because of many reasons including extremely talented, well qualified personnel and cost-effective labor which is enabling various clinical trials with well-equipped medical facilities. However, there are many factors that are considered by the companies while opting to outsource their work to any CRO; scientific expertise and experience, technical facility, location, cost, timely delivery, track record etc. Hence, it depends on the competency of a CRO how it meets the expectation of the clients.

Understanding every customer’s unique requirements in detail, ULTRA PURE ANALYTICS based in Mumbai offers cost effective solutions leveraging latest technology to successfully deliver isolation, purification, chemical characterization and HPLC method development services to leading pharmaceutical and chemical companies. They offer comprehensive solutions for isolation, purification and chemical characterization of unknown/known impurities from 50 mg to 4-5 gm scale and even more if required in quick time. Hence, due to their competency in the field,they have been catering to many pharma CIPLA, LUPIN, AJANTA, IPCA, FDC, METHAAPI, MARKSONS, GLENMARK, HETERO DRUGS, TEVA, BRISTOL, BLISS, PIRAMAL, WINTAC ETC.

“Our sincerity, commitment, efficiency, and talent make us the first choice when it comes to impurity isolation,characterization, and HPLC method development. A technologically adept team backed by world class equipments makes us the go-to-company among the other CROs in the market today. We have solved some of the most challenging projects where the impurity levels were as low as 0.1 % in API and various formulations.” says Mr. Janardan Dhopte, Director of the company.

Leveraging 50 Years of Unparalleled Experience

ULTRA PURE ANALYTICS’ 50 plus years of combined experience helps them secure a perfect position in offering solutions when it comes to HPLC method development, Isolation, purification, and structure elucidation. The company has world class analytical and preparative HPLC systems equipped with automated fraction collectors, small to large scale loading facility, rotary evaporators, lyophilizers etc. Moreover, they have been constantly upgrading their infrastructure and bringing the needed innovations to fulfill clients every expectation on time.

“The major factors that set us apart are we deal each and every project with sincerity and commitment; try to deliver them on time which helps the clients to plan their future experiments as per schedule. The data generated is accurate and reliable, once the structure is assigned to an impurity, it can give invaluable inputs about the source of an impurity so that they can change their processes which can have a huge impact on saving the cost, increase impurity limits in the specification, successfully carry out otoxicity studies, etc. Our research has supported many clients to expedite their process of DMF filing for domestic as well as international markets.” states Dr. Kiran Desai, Technical Director of the company

“ULTRA PURE ANALYTICS wants to be at the helm when it comes to isolation of impurities in India. Going forward,we are focusing on catering to overseas companies who are looking towards outsourcing their research work at an affordable price. The company is constantly upgrading its infrastructure, adopting latest technology and increasing manpower to help clients meet their end objectives.” Says Mr. Ajay Kunder, Director, Ultra Pure Analytics.

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