Custom Purification

Ultra Pure Analytics offers Custom purification service from milligram to gram scale using preparative HPLC as per customer requirement where purity is the guarantee at an affordable price. Establishing a confidentiality agreement allows us to seek information while preserving the intellectual property of our customer. A project starts by gathering information about the product, its properties (structure, solubility, safety, what separations have already been tried) and about the needs (quantity, time scale, final product specification).

Starting with a small quantity of mixture (~200 mg), we carry out analytical & preparative method development for separation which usually results in a promising separation which is then optimized to get the best preparative separation method using which we isolate a small quantity of impurity/impurities for stability testing under the experimental conditions. When the separation is optimized, we carry out optimum load study to determine the production rate. With all the information in hand, we then prepare a quotation for the quantity of product required. Once this is approved and the order is placed, we commence the project, return the purified compounds within the agreed time frame to the customer along with the COA.

Our Customers